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About us


Thanks for stopping in!  We thought we’d tell you a bit about each of us, so you know what you’re getting yourself into. 😉

Our style

We are a super laid back, fun and outgoing pair – Nikki takes care of the technical stuff while Tanya manages the business side of things. When working together with you, we do our best to make the experience enjoyable and relaxed so we can get the best images. As a result, our portraits tend to be bright, fun, romantic and natural.

About Tanya

Tanya lives in Barrie with her her hubby and three children.  She spends much of her time cuddling with and photographing newborns during the week. She is a huge animal lover (4 cats and a dog!), is addicted to coffee, loves rock music and her favorite color is teal.  Those who know her describe her as fun, outgoing and a little crazy (Nikki would say a lot). She never fails to act a fool to get a baby to laugh or a child to smile.

About Nicole

Nikki has a full time job outside of photography plus has four girls, so life for her is constantly on the go. She spends much of her time at Starbucks when she can, and loves anything pink and sparkly.  If you like music, she’s very easy to get along with – every song is her favourite.  Fortunately, you won’t ever need to hear her terrible singing as she saves that for rocking out in her car.

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