Mommy and Me Sessions

It’s that time of year again, for mothers to step out from behind the lens/camera phone and get front and centre with their littles for Mommy and Me sessions! Moms are typically the photo takers, documenting everything for their families and rarely have time to throw on some make up, do their hair and feel pretty and also get some pics with their kids. We can’t stress this enough – being in the photos is important!! When your children & Grandchildren look back make sure there are photos of you. Snap chat photos are fun and all, but lets try some pretty portraits without puppy ears!

This year we are offering two types of sessions:


Indoor Mommy and Me Sessions – April 14th

Ideal for Mothers with smaller children, or those who like studio style set up. Or for those who hate the elements (read: cold) Grandmothers also welcome! Generation photos make us happy.


Outdoor Mommy and Me Sessions – April 22nd, May 3, May 10th evenings

Evening sessions because we like soft light and glow, ideal for kids who don’t need to go to bed at 7:) We suggest blankets and layers be worn as we’re not sure of how the weather will be. Also we suggest non messy snacks. It helps – trust us!





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