Amanda + Jason {Grey County Wedding}

The past two weeks have been insane. We’ve photographed 4 engagement session, 2 weddings and I believe Tanya has photographed 4 newborns, she can correct me if I’m wrong. Blogging has been very difficult to fit in. But here I am. Kids are settled for the evening and I’m back to work.

I’m so excited to blog this Grey County wedding. Nick shot this one with me, The July long weekend out in the middle of nowhere. For those of you who follow me on instagram, you’ll know on the way to this wedding he saved a turtle from getting hit by a car on the way to the wedding. How cute is he?

This wedding was being held on the Torry property – the ceremony was perfect and right on their front lawn – then the reception followed in what they call a shed, and what I call a very very large building. When I think shed, I think one that holds my lawn mower – this things was huge, and decorated amazingly – and they had the perfect weather for it.

I don’t typically consider myself a city girl, but my city starts to show when hanging out with the country folk. Especially when they ride in the back of trucks and I get nervous or when I say things like ‘oh this barn is pretty’ they look at me sideways. This happened, but these were some of the funnest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging out with on the wedding day. They were game for all my ideas, and even had some of their own.

Um, so how awesome was Amanda’s gift to Jason?? She had her new last name tattooed on her side and kept it from him until the wedding night – so sweet!