Ashlee + Alyssa {Innisfil Backyard Wedding}

A few days ago, Ashlee and I were discussing her pending blog post. I joked saying I wasn’t going to write anything and just post the photos – basically what I did at their engagement session. She got mad, threw things around the office, had a full on temper tantrum so I said  “fine. Calm down – I’ll pick one of the 4 drafts I’ve written, actually no you pick  a number between 1 and 4”

She picked 3.

My 3rd draft for this wedding blog intro was about her  and not about Alyssa at all and I can’t really use it. I wrote it the other day after I had sent her the link to the new anchorman movie. To which she responded with ‘I don’t get Will Ferrell Humour’. So basically my blog would be about how I don’t fully understand how we’re friends. She’s never seen the first Anchorman or even Talladega Nights OR Step Brothers. WHAT?! It’s disgusting really. I quote those movies all the time. She’s lame and likes Indy movies instead. She’s too hipster for my mainstream humour I guess.

 Needless to say I get angry easily , so instead of posting blog draft 3, I’ll just write some random thoughts about the day, since this was a happy happy day (even without Will Ferrell).


1.       Rain sucks. And Ashlee has the worst weather luck of life, but it was still an amazing day. Ashlee and Lyss didn’t let the weather dampen their moods, and Lyss and family (and carrie and nick) worked their asses off to get the tent looking amazing.  Ashlee had said she wanted the mood to be ‘happy’ in the tent, and man was it ever – it was so happy and colourful I’m surprised there wasn’t a unicorn in the corner. Muddy feet and all, it was a pretty freaking awesome day.

2.       I’ve been to a lot of weddings. I’m welcomed into people’s homes and hang out with their families weekend after weekend and document the best days of their lives. I’m usually hugged by a parent or a grandparent by the end of the night. But I’ve never hugged as many people as I did this night. (and I’m not a hugger, fist pumps are more my style). But within 5 minutes of being in Aletas house, I felt like family and was welcomed by her, all of her daughters and niece. Was crazy. Once Ashlee’s family joined us it was amazing to sit back and watch how seamlessly they fit together. Like one large family unit. Loved it and it makes me so happy for them!

3.       Even though it poured rain during the ceremony, it was still beautiful. Their vows were touching, and funny that they were very similar even though they hadn’t read each others prior. Also as a side note: crying and shooting is very difficult while wearing fake lashes.

 4.       Dinner. WAS FANTABULOUS the folks at Country Meats and Cuts You guys are amazing (yes they also catered Jen and Fee’s wedding were I had the mushroom heaven on a cracker things).

5.       Sparklers are awesome for adults (I was into the wine at this point so my camera was away – so just trust that the photos I took with my iphone are blurry. But blurry crappy iphone photos still remind me of amazing time we had spelling secret codes with our sparklers)

 6.       Another wedding win? Bonfires and the ability to change into yoga pants after dinner.



I started out the very dark rainy morning with Ash at the hair dressers (who just happens to also be my hair dresser Jen, you may have seen her wedding here). It was dark, and I hate the light Jen has in her studio space, so I got creative (and even tried for a group shot).

Yep – poor Ashlee – we had to put a plastic bag over her to leave, it was raining that hard. But, on a side note her hair lived up through the entire night and looked fab. Jen’s that good.

Another one of our fave vendors was on hand for Make-up – Nicole Lemos!


Just after we got them dressed there was a tiny break in the rain, and we quickly ran up the street to try and get some outdoor photos! Success we managed about 5 minutes before it started pouring again.

Just when the ceremony was supposed to start , it really started coming down.

And Nick was a gentleman (who knew?) and walked them to the tent under an umbrella..

Thank god for Alyssa and her dad putting up the car port, as it’s what we stood under to take family photos!


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the ‘Alcona Crew’

LOVE These ladies!!

And the Georgian peeps!

And the brides with my husband…..their rent-a-husband.

And as soon as we were done group shots. It stopped raining! YAY!

And then we went back to the tent for dinner and speeches!



Oh Boy. I feel so nervous hitting publish!! I’m sure I have a bunch of grammatical and spelling errors but don’t care. I hope you love your photos!! Love you both. xo