Ashley + Ronnie – Wedding at the Gibson Centre

Wedding at the Gibson Centre

Ashley & Ronnie’s Wedding at the Gibson Centre blog post has taken me hours upon hours to get ready. When you’re friends with the Bride & Groom it does make the wedding day even more special, but there’s also this crazy pressure on top of it. I was lucky enough to work in the same office space as Ash while she started the wedding planning process, and through most of her planning (until she moved offices, insert all the tears). So while I was the photographer that day, I also knew the blood sweat and tears that went into every single detail. And let me tell you, there were TONS of details.

I’m struggling (as always) to find words to accurately describe this day. Basically it was just the best day, and we kept saying it over and over. So much fun. I love both families, and all of their friends. S

Guys, I hope you love your peek.





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